• The Difference Between Main Street and Wall Street

    As these conglomerates expand to monumental proportions, their agility and adaptability to accommodate the diverse requirements of individual businesses diminish. The inherent truth emerges that maneuvering a large entity swiftly to meet specific demands becomes increasingly challenging, akin to steering a massive ship through turbulent waters.
  • What makes a Kraft Paper Tube, a Kraft Paper Tube

    What makes a Kraft Paper Tube, a Kraft Paper Tube Kraft paper, a staple in households worldwide, serves various purposes, from packaging to artist...
  • 6 Compelling Reasons Why Recycled Paper Triumphs Over Virgin Paper

    Opting for recycled paper supports the principles of a circular economy, where materials are continuously reused, reducing the need for new resource extraction. By choosing recycled paper, you actively participate in a sustainable cycle that conserves resources, minimizes waste, and promotes responsible consumption.
  • The 4 Key Factors Behind Superior Paper Cores

    Not all recycled pulp is of the same standard. Fibers can break down over time, so to make a sturdy paper cores you need to source pulp with robust fibers that can maintain the core's shape over an extended period.
  • Erdie Increases Capacity for Paper Core Market

    For decades, Erdie Industries has been a world leader in shipping and mailing tubes with our patented Twist-N-Pull® tube and cap system. While 20...
  • Labor Day: A Tribute to the Workers Who Shaped Our Nation

    as we enjoy our backyard barbecues and prepare for the school year ahead, let's take a moment to delve into the history and significance of Labor Day.
  • The Future of Paper Recycling | 3 Innovations for a Greener Tomorrow

    The benefits of recycling paper are vast. For one, recycling paper saves energy and natural resources. In addition, recycling paper takes less energy than creating new paper from scratch and releases fewer pollutants than creating new products from raw materials. 
  • History of the Pillsbury Biscuit Tube

    Pillsbury History and an Invention that changed Americas Kitchens The iconic Pillsbury pull-apart dough tube has been a staple in the kitchen for...
  • Cardboard History | Ancient Chinese Boxes to Mailing Tubes

    Shortly before the release of the above-mentioned German board game, a company in England known as M. Treverton & Son would invent what could be considered the very first cardboard box.
  • Paper is a renewable resource. Why should you use recycled paper?

    One of the reasons we use recycled paper is that making paper or cardboard from previously used resources creates 74% less air pollution. While it is a renewable resource, the process of making paper releases several types of air pollutants,
  • New Innovations From Erdie

    Automated shipping and new challenges    As the trend of e-commerce shows no signs of slowing down, improving efficiency in shipping houses is more...
  • The Evolution of Technology in Open Pit Mining

    The new Dirty Erdie Blasting Tubes, made right in Lorain, Ohio, are made from 100% biodegradable, environmentally-friendly paperboard. Our mission is to create value through the innovation of world-class products and service while remaining sustainable and customer-driven.