Dirty Erdie Blasting Tubes

Long Lasting Cardboard Recycled Tubes

Affordable solutions for large open pit mining operations 

Our specialized blasting tubes have been engineered from start to finish to provide superior performance and durability in wet environments. 

Double the life and double the protection with our blasting tubes. Designed for use in open pit mines, our products are waterproof and withstand exposure to moisture. The Dirty Erdie blasting tube was torture tested in a wet hole for several weeks without using wax for protection, making them a more sustainable choice that also outperforms the competitors.

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Dirty Erdie Blasting Tubes Last Longer Than The Competitors.

Enhance longevity and fortify protection with our blasting tubes. Tailored for open pit mine applications, our offerings are water-resistant and capable of enduring moisture exposure. The Dirty Erdie blasting tube underwent rigorous wet hole testing for weeks without wax protection, establishing them as an eco-friendly and superior alternative to competitors.

Environmentally Friendly

These Dirty Erdie Blasting Tubes are made from 100% biodegradable, environmentally-friendly paperboard. Unlike other paper-based blast liners, Erdie's proprietary formula doesn't contain wax yet remains twice as durable as competing products. Erdie blasting tubes/liners aren't prone to unraveling or delaminating in wet conditions and are a great option for working in wet environments.

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