Erdie Non-Roll Mailing Tubes

reducing cost in automated shipping

These new mailing tube end-caps help prevent shipping surcharges by eliminating rollover on conveyor belts.

Why is rolling an issue?

In automated shipping hubs, packages are scanned from multiple angles, which removes the need for a human to perform the task manually. However, specific packages are more difficult to scan than others.
Mailing tubes roll on the conveyor belts as they pass though the facility. This motion makes it difficult to make an accurate scan of the tube. If a tube cannot be scanned into the system, the package can't be tracked or can even be reported as lost. To avoid situations like these, most shipping companies opt to scan mailing tubes manually. The added costs of time and manpower result in mailing surcharges.
Erdie Industries is still testing and perfecting the non-roll design. If you would like to learn more about when this product will be available or how much you could save in shipping costs, please fill out the form on this page, and someone will contact you soon.

Have you noticed an increase in shipping times?

Added surcharges  isn't the only noticeable problem with the new automated systems. Many people have reported an increase in shipping times when using mailing tubes. Keeping your shipping times low is essential for customer satisfaction. You shouldn't have to change the style of packaging that you have come to use and trust. Mailing tubes are one of the most robust and sturdy packaging options on the market. You should not have to sacrifice fast shipping times for durability.

Do you need a shipping solution immediately?

Erdie Non-Roll end-caps may not be available today, but we currently have products that flow through automated shipping facilities as easily as their square-shaped counterparts. Check out our Tri-Hex Mailing Tubes for an alternative solution to mailing and shipping tubes. 

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