Paper Cores

Industrial paper cores for textiles, films, and tapes.

Erdie Industries makes paper tubes for use as spacers, covers and protectors with a wide range of dimensions.

All of our products, including those listed below, can have your choice of color or printed wrap and/or liner, with a variety of secondary operations.

Paper cores are similar to paper tubes except for the way they’re used. They come in a variety of wall thicknesses and sizes for industrial use, such as tape cores, or for wrapping other materials, including paper, plastic, film, rubber, etc.

Our full-color high-speed printer allows for virtually endless printing possibilities depending on customer needs. Plies can be printed for either liners or outer wrap on any color paper.

We have machinery for customized notching, slitting, and punching for most sizes and wall thicknesses. We work with our customers to create custom processes and to reduce costs through the optimization of the production line.

We can ship our products either in cartons (via delivery service or freight), stretch-wrapped on pallets, tied in bundles, stacked on racks (provided by the customer), or stacked directly in tractor trailers. Please contact us if you have special shipping