Triangle Mailing Tubes

TRI-HEX®  Rigid Strength | U.S. Patent 8,459,190

Reduce Shipping Costs and Protect Your Products With Tri-Hex® Mailing Tubes

Trying to reduce packaging costs without increasing product damage? See how our unique triangular tubes solve a host of major packaging problems.

Our patented Tri-Hex® Mailing and Shipping Tubes do much more than simply get your item from point A to point B. Thanks to their innovative design and construction, Tri-Hex® triangle mailing tubes offer superior product protection, provide numerous operational efficiencies, reduce inbound and outbound freight costs, and perhaps most important of all — improve your customer relationships. Here’s why our triangle packaging covers all the angles:

8 Big Reasons to Use Tri-Hex® Triangle Mailing and Shipping Tubes

triangle mailing tubes tri-hex brand on white background
  • Protect your products. Tri-Hex® triangle tubes are much stronger than traditional triangle tubes or round mailing tubes, with superior side strength. Our triangle shipping tubes are ideal for shipping heavy and/or fragile items.
  • Reduce inbound freight costs. Shipping traditional round mailing tubes is a lot like shipping air — in other words, expensive. We ship the Tri-Hex® triangle tube flat, reducing your inbound freight costs substantially.
  • Reduce storage space. Because Tri-Hex® tubes are shipped flat, they occupy far less warehouse space than round tubes. Start using your valuable space for more profitable production and storage purposes.
  • Reduce outbound freight costs. When assembled, the Tri-Hex® flat panels are conveyor-friendly and allow for easy scanning. As a result, these tubes enable you to avoid upcharges for round tubes assessed by many parcel carriers.
  • No caps needed. Erdie's shipping tubes and triangle mailing tubes assemble quickly by hand rolling, with tuck-in flaps. This makes the packaging job quicker on your end, and makes life easier for your customer because there are no “loose ends” to remove or dispose of or slip on.
  • Prevent damage — and damaged customer relationships. The overall strength and triangular shape of these tubes reduces or eliminates damage, not only reducing your overall internal costs and improving quality, but also improving customer satisfaction by reducing damage issues and returns.
  • Improve branding. Take advantage of our four-color print capabilities and/or a white overwrap to make your unique Tri-Hex® packaging stand out from the crowd even more.
  • Increase customer satisfaction. In addition to reducing damage, products packaged in Tri-Hex® tubes are easy for your customers to stack and store. Once they get used to these triangle tubes, they won’t want to give them up.