Large Cardboard Tubes

Large Diameter Tubes For Industrial Applications

Looking for a great supplier for large cardboard cylinder tubes?

 Would you like to discuss the pros and cons of switching from a corrugated container to large cardboard shipping tubes? Please contact us now. We are eager to learn more about your application and see if we can help you do the job better.

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Large diameter cardboard tubes are made to your exact specifications at Erdie. 

Large shipping tubes and mailing tubes are a terrific option for many types of items, including:

  • Large size posters and other rolled paper items. Large diameter shipping/mailing tubes reduce curl, making the item much easier to work with when your customer receives it.
  • Heavy industrial items such as pumps and auto parts can be packed in our heavy duty cardboard tubes, and either shipped individually or layered on a pallet for truckload shipment.
  • Delicate items with a long profile, including floor lamps, desk lamps and golf clubs — large tubes are often much less expensive and more functional than large, odd-shaped corrugated shipping boxes.

Benefits of Our Larger Shipping Tubes

  • As mentioned, cost is a key benefit. Corrugated shipping containers in long sizes are usually custom runs, and may not be efficiently manufactured on a corrugator’s equipment. Erdie has highly efficient manufacturing capabilities that enable us to manufacture wide diameter tubes in just about any wall thickness at a very competitive price.
  • Get the size you need in the quantity you need. Because of the manufacturing challenges in producing large, odd-shaped corrugated shipping containers, companies are often forced to make compromises in order quantity, box size and box style to accommodate the manufacturer’s limitations. With big cardboard tubes, we can produce tubes to your specifications.
  • Packaging performance. Heavy duty cardboard tubes provide a high level of impact resistance and stacking strength, making them a great option when your product is going to experience rough handling, or if it is valuable and/or delicate.
  • Top quality. We work hard in our operation, day in and day out, to maintain the highest possible level of quality control. This means you can ship each and every item you have with confidence.
  • Printing options. We can add a white outer wrap and/or custom printing, giving you a cost-effective option for advertising and product identification. Just let us know what you need!
  • Fulfillment capabilities. Why not let Erdie handle your tube packaging and delivery? If you have a large, one-time order or ongoing need to ship large mailing tubes, we have the space, labor force and logistical expertise to handle the job for you — enabling you to reduce costs and focus on your main business.
Large Cardboard Tubes available