Frequently Asked Questions

Mailing Tubes

What’s the difference between Twist-n-Pull® and Tri-Hex® Mailing & Shipping Boxes & Tubes?

Twist-n-Pull® Mailing & Shipping Tubes were designed to replace traditional round mailing tubes with one major improvement – the specially designed Twist-n-Pull® Caps twists on and stays put during shipment. The cap can then be removed intact by the recipient, so the tube and cap can be reused as either a mailer or for storage.

Tri-Hex® Triangle Mailing & Shipping Tubes & Boxes were designed for savings. They save space since they can be shipped flat, saving freight costs to you. They can also be stored flat until needed for shipment, saving storage space. These Triangle Tubes & Boxes have flat sides, therefore are conveyor friendly, preventing rolling and damage, thus less loss and more savings. The inner compartment is a hexagonal shape, suitable for mailing rolled items like posters and graphic art work, also allowing for easier removal than round tubes. Plus the shape provides added strength further helping reduce damage. They can also be used for many other long items such as poles, rods and more.

When should I choose one over the other? Twist-n-Pull® Mailing and Shipping Tubes are practical for most mailing tube uses. They are strong and have the advantage of the removable cap. Tri-Hex® Mailing & Shipping Tubes & Boxes are shipped to the customer as flat sheets that can be rolled into shape as needed. This saves storage space, and they can be easily rolled up when needed by hand for smaller shipments, or our assembly jig for large quantities. Shipping them flat also saves freight to you. They even save space when assembled and stacked because the triangular shapes fit against each other more efficiently than cylindrical shapes. Conveyor friendly, the triangle shape doesn’t roll around reducing damage and loss.

Can I reuse Tri-Hex® Mailing & Shipping Tubes & Boxes? You could potentially reseal them and reuse them, but they were designed for single use, unlike Twist-n-Pull® Mailing & Shipping Tubes.

What kind of shipping tubes does Erdie have for shipping artwork? Our Twist-n-Pull art shipping tubes are perfect for artwork safely. Our art shipping tubes are the solution to shipping artwork in traditional boxes were damage can occur.

My company needs shipping tubes for a large fulfillment order, what are my wholesale options? We provide our customers with option of purchasing wholesale shipping tubes. We can fulfill any order amount you need to fit your business model.

What is the best option for shipping posters to my customers? Our poster shipping tubes reduce shipping costs for you and protect the posters for your customers. Our poster shipping tubes are also a great way to store posters.

A lot of our clients require a large quantity of shipping and mailing tubes. Do you offer bulk mailing tube options? Yes. We provide bulk mailing tubes to our business customers. Whether you need to fill an order for 12 or 12,000 mailing tubes, we have what you need.

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