Why Erdie?

Erdie Industries specializes in shipping and mailing tubes for industrial, commercial and consumer markets. Erdie Twist-N-Pull™ mailing tubes are resold by several office supply companies including online stores. All mailing tubes with the Twist-N-Pull™ cap feature were manufactured by Erdie Industries. If you are purchasing mailing tubes in bulk, buying direct from Erdie will save you money. However, if you need only one or two tubes, a retail store is an effective and cost efficient option.

Erdie mailing tubes are a top quality product provided at a low price. Erdie’s Twist-N-Pull™ tubes have many advantages over competing products, especially more traditional mailing tubes with plastic inserts which require taping or stapling so that the cap is held in place. Because of Erdie’s unique Twist-N-Pull™ design, the tubes can be used repeatedly and can also be great containers for long term storage.

Purchasing your mailing supplies directly from Erdie Industries either by phone or on our online order form provides you with great personal customer service. Orders placed with Erdie are shipped via UPS the next business day or sometimes the same day if placed in the morning. Note that custom orders may require extra production time.