Twist-n-Pull® Round Mailing Tubes

US Pat. 7,296,730

Delight Your Customers With Twist-n-Pull® Mailing Tubes and Shipping Tubes

Looking for a faster, easier, safer and more secure way to ship or mail your item? Stop searching — you just found the answer!

Twist-n-Pull® Mailing and Shipping Tubes — U.S. Pat. 7,296,730 — eliminate the frustration of prying metal or paper end caps. When it comes to round shipping tubes and round mailing tubes, nothing surpasses Twist-n-Pull® for protection and convenience.

Easily insert the Twist-n-Pull® end cap, twist and lock in place. When ready to open, simply twist the cap to unlock and pull to remove it!

7 Great Reasons to Use Twist-n-Pull® Mailing and Shipping Tubes

  1. Safer and easier to use than round cardboard tubes with metal caps, Twist-n-Pull® cardboard cylinder tubes provides a completely secure and airtight seal — economically.
  2. Twist-n-Pull® tubes are 100 percent re-usable and recyclable. Tubes (and fingers) are never damaged as they can be when removing metal end caps or staples.
  3. Your staff will appreciate the speed and ease of Twist-n-Pull® — no more struggling with tape, glue, metal caps or staples.
  4. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of Twist-n-Pull®, helping you to improve customer satisfaction and customer retention.
  5. Kraft color tubes are available in a full range of thickness, from lightweight (mailing tubes) to heavy (shipping tubes).
  6. White outer wraps and/or custom printing available at your request. Our high-quality, four-color printing capabilities transform your shipping tube into a branding asset!
  7. Custom sizes and constructions — we love taking on challenging requirements! If you have a difficult application, please contact us.

Top Applications for Twist-n-Pull® Round Cardboard Tubes

While it’s hard to think of an application where our round shipping tubes and round mailing tubes aren’t a terrific option, some applications really capitalize on the unique design and high performance of Twist-n-Pull® cardboard cylinder tubes.

  • Are you in a highly competitive business? If so, you know that anything and everything you can do to make life easier for customers helps you improve customer retention and keep competitors at bay. The superior convenience of Twist-n-Pull® is something your customers will notice and love — very easy to open and no caps to dispose of. Little things like that make a huge difference.
  • Is branding important to your business? If so, our high-quality printing capabilities can turn your round shipping tube or round mailing tube into a powerful advertisement for your company that will be seen and remembered.
  • Is being eco-friendly important to your business? If so, Twist-n-Pull® should be your mailing/shipping tube: it’s all paper, with no metal or plastic end caps or staples involved.

And of course, whenever superior product protection is required, nothing outperforms the Twist-n-Pull®.

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