Shipping Fulfillment Services

Packaging and Shipping Fulfillment Services

If you’re fulfilling tube orders on-site, why not have the manufacturer do it for you?

Fulfilling large customer orders on-site can be expensive, inefficient, distracting from your core operations and limiting to your company’s growth.

If you are warehousing shipping/mailing tubes and handling the packaging and shipment internally, our fulfillment services can do all that work for you:

  • We manufacture shipping/mailing tubes designed specifically for your job;
  • Package your materials (posters, blueprints, etc.), and;
  • Send them directly to your customers per your specifications.

We welcome one-time projects and recurring fulfillment work.

The Key Benefits of Our Fulfillment Services

  • Eliminate the considerable inbound freight costs associated with warehousing tubes.
  • Eliminate the warehousing of bulky tubes and start using your valuable space more efficiently.
  • Eliminate the labor of storing, picking, packing and shipping tubed items internally so your workforce can focus on more productive activities.
  • Upgrade your packaging with our unique, patented, high-performance Twist-n-Pull® or Tri-Hex® Mailing and Shipping Tubes. Our tubes offer a host of advantages, including better product protection, easy opening and consistent high quality.

Tube Selection

Our innovative, attention-getting and cost-efficient tube options will impress your customers and reduce/eliminate damage:

  • Our patented, round Twist-n-Pull® Mailing and Shipping Tubes have easy-to-remove end caps and a tamper-proof seal option. They are perfect for direct-to-consumer shipments and promotional mailings.
  • Our patented, triangular Tri-Hex® Mailing and Shipping Tubes are extremely strong and easy to store. They are perfect for heavy/fragile items and for jobs where storage efficiency is important. Scanner-friendly and conveyor-friendly, these tubes avoid upcharges some parcel carriers apply to round tubes.

Custom Packaging and Shipping Fulfillment

Direct-to-consumer shipments, promotional campaigns and even many B2B jobs demand customization. No problem!

  • We offer white overwraps and/or custom, four-color printing to highlight your brand or deliver your marketing message.
  • Does your item have an unusual shape, size or weight? We can produce custom tube diameters, lengths and thicknesses in virtually any quantity for your fulfillment project.
  • Your customers appreciate that little something extra! We can add marketing merchandise to your package — pens, T-shirts, magnets, etc.
  • Custom labeling, unitizing, palletizing are handled easily.
  • We can warehouse your finished items depending on the economics of the job — let’s talk.
  • We sort all of the tubes by state and ship them via USPS, FedEx or the carrier of your choice.

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