Using Packaging Inserts to Build Brand Loyalty

These days, acquiring new customers can be expensive and sometimes challenging, especially with the competition using every outlet available to steal them from you. That’s why it’s important to build brand loyalty and trust with existing customers that already love your products.

While you already know that picking the right shipping supplies to mail your product is extremely important, but what you put inside of your packaging can mean the difference between a lifelong customer and one-time customer.

Packaging inserts can be a very effective way to building loyalty and trust among already existing customers. This gives you a chance to send your customers discount offers, product samples, personalized thank you’s, and social media shoutouts. Here are some things to think about when it comes to including packaging inserts with customer orders.

Via Harvest Retail Marketing

Advantages of Packaging Inserts
Other than the obvious fact that packaging inserts can build brand loyalty among existing customers, there are other advantages including:

Targeted Audience

Using packaging inserts for existing customers gives you an advantage because you already know what they bought and what their interests are. This means that you can use packaging inserts like discounts and product samples that are specific to that customer. This is a great place to incorporate cross-selling as well.

Extremely Low Cost

Not only can packaging inserts be low cost, they can yield a high return from your customers. Plus, you’re already sending out their order, adding discount and promotional inserts won’t add anything to the shipping costs.

There are so many advantages to targeting existing customers with discount offers and product samples using packaging inserts. These small, yet effective gestures can lead to a very high customer retention and build a customer loyalty that will last a lifetime.

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