Should I use round or triangular shipping tubes?

A common question we get is what are the advantages of using a triangular mailing tubes versus the traditional round shipping tube? Much of the time either one will work just as well, but here are some of the major differences to keep in mind.

Stackability of triangular tubes

One of the biggest differences is that triangular mailing tubes will stack better, especially in the back of a truck. They will interlock with each other and not roll, and take up less space as well.

Triangular mailers are more common in Europe because shipping companies prefer them, mostly for their superior stacking. It should not be long before they are preferred in the US as well.

Conveyor friendly

For similar reasons triangular shipping tubes are conveyor ­friendly­­ and will not roll around on conveyor belts. This is a major advantage for shipping fulfillment services.

Lighter than round shipping tubes

Triangular tubes are lighter than their comparable round mailers. This makes them cheaper to send when shipping costs are based on weight. When it comes to strength in withstanding shipping and bending, there is no difference between the two. (the Tri­-Hex design of a hex within a triangle makes it incredibly strong for the weight.)

Triangular tubes ship flat

Triangular mailers come to the customer in flat sheets so they can be rolled as needed, so they take up much less space before they are used. on the down side, they must be rolled before being used, and though this is an easy enough process, it takes a bit more time.

When to use a round shipping tube

While both types can be used for storing things, the Twist­-n­-Pull® caps make the Twist­-n­-Pull® mailer the better choice for storage. They can be opened and closed repeatedly ­even reused as a mailing tube.

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