Mailing Tube Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are coming and there’s no need to be completely traditional.

The holiday season is the time for mailing gifts of joy, gifts, and love. However, it might be nice to throw in something a little different, like sending holiday cookies in a mailing tube, filling one with candy or other goodies, or even sending a letter written on the back of wrapping paper and put inside the tube (make sure they don’t just throw it out! – maybe add a post-it note or something that says “read this!”

Homemade Wrapping Paper

Make your own wrapping paper

You could make your own wrapping paper by painting plain white paper, or even newspaper for that bohemian feel. (This applies to wrapping gifts as well.) You don’t have to be an artist, just paint some shapes or crazy random brush strokes that will give it that personal touch and originality. The worse an artist you are, the more your recipient will enjoy it. It’s also good art therapy to work out some of that holiday stress.

A twist on traditional stockings

You could start a tradition of sending stocking stuffer gifts in mailing tubes and sending them to distant friends and family. The tradition of hanging stockings on the mantel may someday be replaced by hanging mailing tubes anyway (we can hope), and you will have been a part of that.

Bah Humbug bomb

If there are any Scrooges in your life you could send them a “glitter bomb” – a mailing tube that when opened launches glitter into the air or onto their lap. It’s pretty harmless but a real bother to clean up. You didn’t hear about that here.

Snail mail vision board

If you have kids, they could make a holiday board – like a vision board, made up of clipped photos from magazines pasted on flexible cardboard that you can roll into a tube and send. You have to admit, going analog with this is much better than sending a group email with something created in Photoshop. Each holiday board would be unique. Let the recipient see the gluey fingerprints and smudges that give it that human touch.

We are hopeful that our mailing tubes will find their way into your creative holiday ideas. But if they don’t, we hope you’ll still use them for the more practical day-to-day stuff like protecting things from damage in the mail. Happy Holidays!