Halloween Costumes Made From Cardboard Mailing Tubes

Buying a costume from the store is easy and convenient. But they all look the same. With a little bit of creativity and the right supplies, you can have a unique, affordable and relatively easy Halloween costume made from cardboard tubes.

Bowl of mac n cheese

mac n cheese cardboard tube costume

Via DIY Network

Easy as Easy Mac to create. If you child is crazy about mac n cheese, this is a very unique costume that will stand out in a crowd. Add a fork using cardboard mailing tubes for even more creativity.

Wind up doll

wind up doll cardboard Halloween costume

Via eHow.com

It literally can’t get any easier than this costume. This is a cute costume when you’re in a pinch for time and money. Check out the instruction here.

Safari explorer

cardboard safari Halloween costume
Via RealSimple.com

With a few simple supplies including cardboard tubes, your kids can have a unique Halloween costume that is also recyclable and environmentally friendly.


lumberjack Halloween costume with axe made from cardboard mailing tubes
Via Pinterest

Another quick and simple last minute costume. Most of us have the supplies needed for this including a cardboard tube, flannel shirt, hat, a little bit of dark makeup for the beard and some strategically placed duct tape for the axe.

Jet pack
jet pack Halloween costume made from cardboard tubing
Via hellowonderful

Not only is this a one of a kind addition to a Halloween costume, it’s also great for playing dress up. Kids will love decorating their own jet packs and blasting off into imagination. Using a cereal box, a couple pieces of cardboard tubes, duct tape, and some foil, you’re on your way to making a creative and multipurpose costume accessory.

Stock up on a variety of cardboard mailing tubes for your Halloween costumes this year. Erdie has the mailing tubes you need to create one of a kind Halloween costumes that are affordable and durable to be used more than once.