Branded Mailing Tube Packaging for Your Business

Branding your company is more important now than ever. With the amount of information and options available to consumers, it’s essential to leave lasting impressions that will lead to building brand loyalty and trust.

Shipping and mailing tubes are an effective way to not only ship your products safely, but to make a bold statement to your customers. Here is some creative shipping tube packaging that is ideal for branding your business.

Via Francesco Mugnai


Via the dieline

Via Design Sponge

Via Pinterest

Via printsome

Via There are thousands of ways to make an impression on your customers. Custom designed packaging can be your first impression for your brand.

Get all of the shipping and mailing tube packaging supplies you need for your business from Erdie. We also offer custom designed packaging to help make a lasting impression on your customers. For big orders, we offer fulfillment services as well. Just send us your material and we will package it in your custom mailing tubes and safely ship to your customers.