Alta™ Board Cardboard Chair

Anything Wood Can Do, We Can Do Better

Imagine having a chair that is durable, disposable, inexpensive and cuts down on your carbon footprint. Alta™ Board cardboard lumber is a new product created by Erdie Industries that has infinite uses and applications. Created from corrugated cardboard, the Alta™ Board cardboard chair can be used for a student’s desk, a dining room table, extra seating and so much more.

Alta™ Board Cardboard Chair is ideal for students moving to college and in need of inexpensive furniture that can be easily recycled at the end of the school year. Our cardboard chair can also be beneficial for young children. The Alta™ Board Cardboard Chair can not only be a functional piece of furniture but can also serve as a creative outlet for your ids. Basically, they can draw all over it without sacrificing a large chunk of money.