End Caps That Work!
Twist-N-Pull® Mailing
& Shipping Tubes

U.S. Pat. 7,296,730

Introducing Twist-N-Pull® Mailing & Shipping Tubes | A simple twist and the cap unlocks and can be removed from the tube in seconds.

Twist-n-Pull Mailing and Shipping Tubes — U.S. Pat. 7,296,730 — eliminate the frustration of prying-off metal or paper end caps when opening a delivered tube. A simple twist and the cap unlocks and can be removed from the tube in seconds. Loading the mailing tube for shipment is just as easy – simply insert the Twist-n-Pull end cap, twist and lock in place.

End Caps That Work: Innovative Twist-N-Pull® Mailing & Shipping Tubes

  • No more struggling with tape, glue, metal caps or staples.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and customer retention.
  • Safer and easier to use than round cardboard tubes with metal caps.
  • Twist-n-Pull tubes are 100 percent re-usable and recyclable.
  • Kraft color tubes are available in a full range of thickness, from lightweight (mailing tubes) to heavy (shipping tubes).
  • White outer wraps and/or custom printing available at your request.
  • Custom sizes and constructions — we love taking on challenging requirements!

Top Applications For Twist-N-Pull Cardboard Shipping Tubes

  • Are you in a highly competitive business? - If so, you know that anything and everything you can do to make life easier for customers helps you improve customer retention and keep competitors at bay. The superior convenience of Twist-n-Pull is something your customers will notice and love — very easy to open and no caps to dispose of. Little things like that make a huge difference.
  • Is branding important to your business? - If so, our high-quality printing capabilities can turn your round shipping tube or round mailing tube into a powerful advertisement for your company that will be seen and remembered.
  • Is being eco-friendly important to your business? If so, Twist-n-Pull should be your mailing/shipping tube - it is reusable because the caps simply twist on and off.